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Just a short 6 day trip to Egypt, with most of the time spent in Cairo with one night down south in a very hot Luxor...

04 Memphis.JPG (40288 bytes) A whopping great statue of King Rameses at Memphis. Too hard to move it so they built a protective building around it, incidentally this also enables them to charge for entry.
22 Sakkara.JPG (32873 bytes) The older stepped pyramid at Sakkara, a 'prototype' for the later great pyramids of Giza, but pretty great in its own right.
29 Sakkara Dr.JPG (40055 bytes) The beautifully decorated interior of one of the tombs at Sakkara, The paint still shows beautiful colours even after several thousand years, the desert being the perfect environment for preserving them.
32 Sakkara.JPG (26169 bytes) Sue enjoys the passageway up and out of one of the pyramids, a steep and rather cramped climb, but these are not the original entrances, but those cut later by professional grave robbers.
35 Sakkara.JPG (30838 bytes) A group of wild dogs find escape from the midday sun. This is our private tour minibus (I think they though I would be fat enough to struggle in a car!). Fortunately it was air conditioned against to 50C outside....
37 Giza Dr.JPG (58459 bytes) The great pyramids at Giza. They really are immense and just a stones throw from the edge of Cairo.
48 Giza.JPG (48651 bytes) Having ridden camels before, we knew it was not one of those things that you want to repeat too often, but how can you not ride a camel around the pyramids. It turned out to be really enjoyable seemingly a camels back is the best place from which to view them.
56 Giza.JPG (30286 bytes) The Sphinx, did Napoleon really shoot off it's nose, or is that just a story to keep the tourists happy ? And my word there is no shortage of sun blistered tourists being herded around this attraction.
60 Citadel.JPG (48763 bytes) Just one example of the amazing interiors of the grand Mosques of Cairo. As the 'City of a Thousand Minarets' there is no shortage of mosques in Cairo although the population is still around 20% Christian.
72 Bazaar.JPG (67810 bytes) The beautiful colours and sparkling gold of the Old Khan El-Khalili Bazaar. Unsurprisingly, it is full of Arabs trying hard to sell things to tourists....
75 Luxor.JPG (39704 bytes) Luxor Temple is amazingly intact and enormous. Many of the statues are in almost perfect condition and work is continuing to renovate other ruined parts of the complex.
76 Luxor.JPG (43092 bytes) Many of the columns tower over 30 metres overhead, you have to wonder how they did that without having invented the crane...
87 Luxor.JPG (46343 bytes) The Collossi of Memnon, apparently a wonder of the ancient world, but no clues as to who Memnon was. Maybe he is the man keeping an eye on things from the balloon.
88ValleyofKings.JPG (71805 bytes) We got up early to visit the Valley of the Kings as it is in the hot desert. The valley has literally hundreds of tombs dug deep into the rock, many of which are only just being discovered and explored. The interior of the tombs are beautifully decorated with painted artworks. They are also pleasantly cool.
93 Hatshepsut Temple.JPG (76504 bytes) The temple of Queen Hatshepshut is under restoration and has been for 30 years or so. Well, I guess you don't want to work too hard in that heat.
94 Luxor Nile.JPG (63765 bytes) A view across the Nile at Luxor from our Hotel. You wouldn't want to swim across, would you ?
95 Cairo Sheraton Royal Gardens.JPG (134929 bytes) If you do want a swim, the pool at the Sheraton where we stayed in Cairo is rather more appealing, isn't it ?
99D Flight.JPG (36762 bytes) Flying back into Sydney at dawn, we got a pretty good view of the sunrise out of the window. Not quite worth the horrible 19 hours on an Air Egypt plane though. Don't fly with them....