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There is, I believe, nowhere like the Maldives for a relaxing break in Paradise. The colour of the water and sand is picture perfect, for anyone who likes the idea of a desert island getaway, this is it........

little~1.jpg (62602 bytes) This little uninhabited island was just a short walk across the lagoon from our Bure on Rihiveli. The water is warm and about thigh deep.
little~2.jpg (35457 bytes) The island in the lagoon with the sandbar. There was another similar uninhabited  island but one morning in 1996 after a storm the locals found it had completely disappeared.
rich_b~1.jpg (33154 bytes) This is the sandbar on the back of the island above. The way the warm clear blue water laps against you from both sides at once in exquisite.
sue_be~1.jpg (24472 bytes) Sue adopts a similar posture on one of the beaches of Emboodhu Finolhu