Round Australia

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If you find yourself down under with 8 weeks to spare and a Four wheel drive to hand, I cannot recommend the following trip highly enough.

Some of the favourite pictures here have to be 'swimming with 12 metre whalesharks', 'fat man with fish' and 'idiot between the marbles'...


a01amp.jpg (99122 bytes)

This is the route we took, starting out from Melbourne, across to Adelaide, by rail to Perth then driving up the coast to Exmouth then Darwin, down to Alice Springs and the Red Centre, by rail back to Adelaide and finally driving home to Melbourne.

a06apc.jpg (157130 bytes)

The fantastic scenery of the Great Ocean Road on the south coast of Victoria, running along the very edge of the Great Southern Ocean.

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The Pinnacles - Numbung National Park made famous by the Billy Connolly naked run !

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A typical road in Western Australia, stretching into the distance without a car, bend or anything of interest in sight....

a41aph.jpg (134636 bytes)

Humpback whales diving around our boat off Ningaloo Reef near Exmouth and Coral Bay.

a46acd.jpg (54845 bytes)

Swimming with the Whale Sharks again off Ningaloo Reef. Fortunately these awesome 15 metre giants only eat plankton.

a55aph.jpg (142754 bytes)

A beautiful waterfall typical of those we found in Karajini National Park. A wonderful place to wash off the red dust that accumulates everywhere whilst driving here, if you look carefully there is someone swimming here....

a66aph.jpg (71298 bytes)

Here's the red dust on an unmade road and there's no shortage of unmade roads around here.

a72aph.jpg (66690 bytes)

Alternatively, how about a drive along 90 mile beach, wonderful white sand stretching for, well, about 90 miles and not a car or human in sight, not quite as crowded as the Med. beaches....

a79aph.jpg (87137 bytes)

The 'Fat Man with Fish' photo. Even a novice can catch monster fish off Broome. I may have landed this myself but for eating it I needed some serious help....

a89aph.jpg (149786 bytes)

Up a rough road (4WD only) the Bungle Bungles (Purnalulu) are an incredible sight. The sandstone beehive rock formations are unique, especially when viewed from a helicopter.

b25acd.jpg (95906 bytes)

In Kakadu National Park is the famous Jim Jim Falls a very high waterfall. Normally you can swim in the pool at the foot, but we were warned off as there had been a crocodile seen in there the day before.... It wasn't a tough decision not to take the plunge...

b31aph.jpg (45669 bytes)

Yes, these reptiles are well worth avoiding, catching them on a rod is a real challenge, it's not fly fishing.

b36aph.jpg (42300 bytes)

The sunsets at the 'Top End' are spectacular and do not very often get obscured by cloud...

b46aph.jpg (120477 bytes)

The 'Devils Marbles', a fine opportunity for some silliness, but the pain of cramp is almost visible on my face....

b62apc.jpg (88120 bytes)

A more leisurely way to spend the morning, although it has to be good to make it worth the 4am rise and shine.

b66aph.jpg (94640 bytes)

Now this 'Ayers Rock' place is pretty famous. The colour changes of Uluru during sunrise and sunset are amazing so another early morning is well worthwhile. It's a steep climb, but the best views are from the bottom anyway....

b73aph.jpg (74160 bytes)

Just 30km up the road are the less well known Olgas. The 'Walk of the Winds' takes you around the base of these spectacular rocks and is well worth the effort. In my opinion they are more beautiful than that Ayers Rock thing up the road...