Anna old

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The 1st 6 months
7th Mth Mar
8th Mth April
9th Mth May


Still out of date right now... Only by about 15 months, but who's counting..............


Now, if this was really Anna's room, you would be greeted now by the sound of.... a snoozing baby. Usually!

11 months since our little one entered the world. ... wow!

This month Anna is really wanting to walk on her own...all the time...I can see a major head bump appearing in the next few weeks.

Plenty of teeth now appearing, and a little teething too..not helped by the hot weather, poor thing.
Anna now has 3 teeth with the second of the top ones causing a fair bit of pain, waiting to pop out. We can also see at least another 3 at the bottom pushing their way up. It won't be long before a full grin can be seen!