Carter's Room

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Carter Robert Jonathon Trett, follows the Trett  'R J' naming tradition. Born 5th July 2004, weighing in at 8lbs 3oz. Arrived faster than Anna (if that was possible!!) .

Carter is growing up very fast and trying his hardest to boss Anna around, telling her that she has to give him her toy 'Right now!...5....4....3....2...'    hmm where have I heard that before??!!

As you can see, Carter does like having fun

Happy Birthday to me... now I am 3
the sight of a cool present
Ozzies cheating at Rugby as usual!
a new friend
Everyday is a happy day
Watergate 2007 - the pirate ship
Anna did it, honest!
Christmas 2006
I'm gonna be a pop star
Ouch! Who put that toilet in my way?
Carter's 1st Watergate 2005
4 months
Engrossed in the footy
pictured with new 2nd cousin Oliver
Newborn 8lbs 3oz