Anna's Room

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Anna Louise Trett, born 6th September 2002 - came out like a shot!

Anna is becoming a confident swimmer and has recently achieved her Level 3 and 20m badge. She loves playing tennis and has started Gymnastics.

Anna can't wait to go to 'Big' School in September when she is 5, so much so, that she keeps asking whether it's her Birthday next week. 

Here is a brief pictorial history so far

Anna's Pre-School Hawaiian Luau Leaving Party  - I think they took the photo before saying 'smile'!
Summer 2007 and she's turning into a pretty princess
Watch-out Watergate.... here I come
Ouch! After running too fast out of the house and saying Hello to the path.
The Anna's of Twyford
Saying goodbye to Colden Common Pre-School nr Winchester Oct 2005
Anna at 3 - enjoying her Birthday Cake
Watching England bring home the Ashes in 2005
A poignant moment August 2005
2 years - it's not too early to start playing tennis!
1 year
Seeing England win the Rugby World Cup
Chicken Pox at 9months. Covered in Calamine lotion, she still managed a smile!
6 months