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This is a list of websites that I use frequently and find useful or interesting, what do you think ?


Special Interest:
Well, the main link here has to be to the new Coffin Dodgers site, reborn in 2003 after a number of years allowing the dust to settle and tarnished reputations for 'being nice' to heal, is now up and running and unless I'm much mistaken, they are ready and preparing for their next tour...

Friends Reunited - An excellent site (well known by now) giving you the opportunity to find old school, Uni, Hockey or drinking friends. You enter your school and year of leaving and are greeted with a list of names from the distant past. This really does get the memories flooding back and is exactly the sort of use where the web comes into it's own...

Tourist sites for the Melbourne area:
Citysearch Melbourne - What's on in and around Melbourne.
Visit Victoria - Site for Victoria Tourist Information.   ...

Sports Sites:
BBC Sports News - Always the best for unbiased news coverage !!
Brentwood Hockey Club - The best Hockey Club in the UK
Powerhouse St. Kilda Hockey Club - The best Hockey Club in Australia
Melbourne Storm - The best Rugby League team in Australia
North Melbourne Kangaroos - The best Aussie Rules team in Australia

Net Identity - If you liked my email address can be bought from this site
Bigfoot - The best free email addresses, because you can forward the mail wherever you want and they don't force ads on you.

Cool:Gen Work Stuff:
The Official Advantage (Cool:Gen) Site
CA:Advantage (Cool:Gen) Contractors Club
KPC Agency - My favourite UK based agency
CCI Agency - My favourite Australian based agency
Jobserve - The best source for Cool:Gen and other IT opportunities (UK and Worldwide)