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Round Australia
British Virgin Islands


Whoever said this section would stop expanding now that Anna and Carter are keeping our feet firmly on the ground ? Now I'm stuck at home I can catch up with the scanning and collating to put together some more countries.....
[Of course that's been happening at a rapid pace...]

Over the last few years we have had many great holidays. Here are some of our favourite places and pictures:  ...

Round Australia
In July 1999 we managed to escape work for 7 weeks to take the enormous Road Trip around most of the Australian Continent. The vast distances and beautiful scenery of the west coast is awesome....

In July/August 2001 we travelled back to the UK for Ails and Dave's Wedding and to see our lovely new niece, Molly. On the way back to Melbourne we stopped in Egypt for 6 days and visited some amazing attractions.....

British Virgin Islands
Christmas 2000 was spent sailing the Caribbean in a 50 foot yacht. Constant wind and sunshine, beautiful beaches and clear blue sea, the highlight was waking up in the morning and diving straight off the side into the warm water instead of the regular morning shower.... 

In November 1999 we enjoyed a 2 week break in the Maldives, staying on the islands of Rihiveli and Emboodhu Finolhu. This is paradise on Earth....

Coming Soon:

Arizona - Grand Canyon
New Zealand
Hong Kong